In the light of our experience in the logistics sector, we support our organisational structure, which has developed over the years, with a sustainable governance model and establish communication mechanisms to increase the effectiveness of the feedback we receive from our stakeholders. With our Strategic Planning process, we reduce ÖZTRANS’ vision to daily operational targets and make strategy an important task for all employees.

As a corporate logistics company, we manage our processes with our integrated management systems in line with international standards and measurable targets in line with our strategy. With our Sustainability Management model, we guarantee the future of our business by improving our performance in social, environmental and widespread economic areas.

With the training and technical support we receive from our stakeholders and other effective service providers, we increase the safer and more economical driving skills of our drivers. We keep the driving performance of our drivers under control with the performance monitoring systems we have installed, and identify factors that reduce efficiency through in-depth analyses. With the necessary improvements, we achieve results that both increase driving safety and reduce operational costs.

In this way, we contribute more to society, the environment and our customers.

ÖZTRANS Logistics acts in an environmentally friendly manner in all its processes. In line with our ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certificate, all our wastes are classified and delivered to authorised institutions for disposal in accordance with current procedures.